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The Three Peaks

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Douglas Chadwick

‘What has been is what will be, and what has been done is what will be done, and there is nothing new under the sun’ – Ecclesiastes 1:4-11.

MANY passive investors, in the hands of their financial advisors, will be watching the current gyrations of the world’s stock markets with fear and dread for their own financial future.

This is a natural and understandable reaction.

However, look at the graph below of the FTSE100, and you will see that this correction, if it continues as such, is becoming a regular occurrence.

SALTY DOG 1 Three Peaks

It is not necessary to sit and let the markets do with your savings what they will. You can take corrective action.

Look at the graph of the Saltydog Portfolio and you will observe that, during this latest stormy period, the portfolio has actually been making gains and avoiding the dips.

SALTY DOG 2 Tugboat 150831

As an active individual with access to the Saltydog numbers you too could achieve a similar result.

This is common sense, not rocket science.

The big question is, will this correction take the FTSE100 back down to the 4000 level? There would seem to be a number of reasons to suggest that this could happen.

China’s economy is faltering and the Far East Emerging Markets will move in tandem … Commodity prices have tumbled, dragging down mining shares and many of these companies are in the FTSE 100. The UK stock markets are in the 77th month run of a bull market, as our diagram shows. There is only one other occasion in history that the market has risen for longer, and that was in the lead up to the great crash in 1929.

Oil price is the purest barometer of global health and demand, and it is presently a third of the price of a couple of years ago. The UK and USA stock markets, even today, are still over priced compared with history. So there really is not much to like,and a fairly major correction could be around the corner.

Nevertheless, if you were to take some of your savings into your own hands, you could avoid this calamity. You just need accurate up-to-date fund information, the correct attitude to risk and the avoidance of greed.

It surely has to be worth a free trial.

• Go to www.saltydoginvestor.com to subscribe now! For a FREE TRIAL call +44 7899 990473.

SaltyDog (Columnist)

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