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Arrests in Spain’s Madrid and Tenerife as humanitarian aid for Syrian orphans ‘diverted to finance terrorism’

SPANISH police have arrested three men who allegedly used humanitarian aid for Syrian orphans as a cover to finance terrorism. Policía Nacional supported by Europol,...

MONEY MATTERS with CHORUS FINANCIAL on why UK investment values are falling

Money Matters from Chorus Financial answers all your questions on finance, tax, pensions, investments and more here in Spain. This week we received the...

4 DAY WEEK: Spain considering pilot project that will cut hours worked to 32 for same money

SPAIN is on the verge of launching a €50 million trial of the four day working week. The national government has reportedly informally agreed to...

DEAR JENNIFER:- Why do I need to get insurance and funeral plans urgently sorted now?

I personally am feeling very upset about Brexit as no lorries seem to be getting here and English supermarkets are getting emptier and emptier. Let...

Brexit, currency transfers and the law in Spain

As we adjust to life post-Brexit there are many things to consider, but if you need to move money abroad there is one particular...

SWAN’S CORNER: Legal Pointers on Building Work in Spain’s Valencian Community

So you have found your perfect fixer upper home in the Valencia region and now its time to put your own stamp in it! Here...

SWAN’S CORNER: Do I really need to make a Spanish will?

It is all too common for many of us to put off making a will in Spain. After all, it is very much part of...

SWAN’S CORNER: Time to check if you have to declare your non-Spanish assets on Form 720

SPRING is on the way and so you MUST check if you are obliged to file a 720 Declaration by the end of March...

Investors Beware: Stay on the right side of change!

Change is happening all around us, nothing stands still for long. It would’ve been incredibly hard to plan ahead for 2020, instead we had...

MONEY MATTERS: UK ISAs and bonds in Spain

With Tracy Storer, Senior Partner, Chorus Financial  This week we received the following question from Mrs Sandra W. from Altea. Dear Tracy, I am in the process...

Spain’s Andalucia to approve €1,000 grants for small businesses and self-employed workers affected by recent COVID-19 restrictions

THE Junta is set to approve €1,000 grants for the self-employed and workers most affected by recent COVID-19 restrictions. The Andalucian government plans to give...

Spain’s Andalucia, among the EU regions hardest hit economically due to COVID-19

The most socially and economically hard-hit regions are those that were under strict lockdown measures for the longest period and not necessarily those with the highest death rates or most cases detected, report finds.

Andalucia announces grants to cover rental costs for self-employed workers affected by COVID-19

It is expected to benefit some 9,400 self-employed workers; with nightclub owners and child care businesses being the principal recipients of the aid.

Tax avoidance or tax evasion – don’t get them confused!

THE complexity of tax should not be overlooked and becomes even more of a challenge when you live overseas. Often the accountants we use here...

Brits across Europe ‘financially fearful’ of no-deal Brexit

The majority of the estimated 1.8 million Britons living in the European Union are ‘increasingly financially fearful – and rightly so’ over the rising...

Bank of Spain estimates the economy will shrink by up to 15% due to coronavirus crisis

THE Bank of Spain has estimated that the economy will shrink by 15% due to the coronavirus crisis.

Andalusian economy predicted to shrink by up to 11.5% following the coronavirus crisis

THE Andalucian economy is predicted to contract by up to 11.5%, a new study has found.

Bank of Spain estimates the economy will shrink by up to 13% this year due to coronavirus crisis

THE Bank of Spain has estimated that the economy will shrink by up to 13% this year.

Saxo Bank Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen to answer crucial questions on Spain’s economy at free Marbella seminar

He regularly appears as an economics pundit on Bloomberg News and CNBC, commenting on the latest international financial developments

Jonathan Holdaway explains the complex world of offshore finance and reveals the key to successful planning in Spain

The key to successful financial planning is to constantly review your approach to the management of your wealth and ask how, why, where and how much you are investing

Jonathan Holdaway recounts Harry Enfield’s shaky lesson in finance, while offering his rather better advice on a balanced investment...

‘Buy high sell low’, he confidently exclaimed, then adding ‘or have I got that the wrong way round? Course I have …sell low, buy high’

BinckBank’s Nik Rainer on the joys and pitfalls of investing in the stock market

Thou shall keep a watchful eye on your neighbour, family and friends. (and I don’t mean with the drone you just bought from Ebay)

Bank restrictions blamed after home loans plummet by 10% across Spain’s Andalucia

The regions of Andalucia where the greatest falls have been recorded were in Cordoba, Sevilla and Malaga

OPINION: The Junta de Andalucia’s budgets which benefit residents are a welcome sight after decades of corruption

This could go some way to undermining the grip of the local drug cartels, who benefit from grinding youth poverty and a lack of opportunity

Financial specialist Blacktower is continuing to make inroads in Spain, offering excellent advice to expats of all nationalities

DESPITE Britain's imminent departure from the EU, Spain is still an expat destination of choice for many Brits. The lifestyle, the climate, the culture...

Politics aside, Andalucia’s new right-wing coalition is good news for taxpayers, writes Adam Neale

The change in direction is designed to make Andalucia more attractive to investors, both national and international




Spain’s Queen Letizia pays tribute to daughter Princess Leonor with sweet throwback to the past

SHOPPING for a wardrobe which needs to offer options for dizzying public engagements and glitzy galas as well as visits over Zoom and snaps...