CRUEL: Protesters are set to take to the streets next week, campaigning against the planned relaunch of bullfighting in Marbella

HUNDREDS are set to protest against the planned €1 million relaunch of bullfighting in Marbella next week.

Campaigners will take the streets on January 12 at 5pm to voice their anger at an apparent U-turn by the Town Hall over the controversial Spanish pastime.

The previous administration had banned the blood sport, but city chiefs announced a refurbishment programme for the Marbella bullring back in December.

Meanwhile, an online petition to ban the ‘bloody’ and ‘torturous’ sport in Marbella has received around 80,000 signatures.

The Town Hall said the refurbishment project aimed to make the bullring ‘safe, practicable and operational for its intended use’.

But demonstrators disagree, claiming those pushing the move want a ‘return to torture and kill animals for the amusement of a few’.

“We want it to continue like this, we do not want more death and suffering in Marbella,” said the protest group in a statement on Facebook.

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