MADRID’S famous San Isidro had to be cancelled for the first time in 35 years after a bull skewered, trampled and gored three matadors.

The event, in the capital’s Las Ventas bullring, marks the opening of Spain’s bull-fighting season.

But it went horribly wrong for the first matador David Mora, who was caught on the 532kg bull’s horn and then repeatedly thrown around.

The bull then skewered his leg and threw him across the arena again, causing serious injury.

As the two other matadors rushed to help the enraged bull instead turned on them.

“The festival had to be suspended .. because of the gorings suffered by the three matadors,” said a statement issued by the Las Ventas bullring.

“In the 68-year history of San Isidro, two bullfights have been suspended for gorings of matadors, both in 1979,” it said.


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  1. Bull 10, matadors nil

    Exactly what it should be.

    Fantastic news, and perhaps, just perhaps, the powers that be will realise that in these “enlightened” times, such a cruel sport child be banned. It is good to read about the bull getting the better of the uneven fight this time.

  2. Predictably, British animal lovers are out in force on this site !
    I wonder how many of our bull-supporters would have enough cojones to go into the ring at Ventas in Madrid and face their anthropomorphised “friends ” ?

  3. If the bull was spared from death, he should be made a National Hero and run for Prime Minister of Spain.

    Rajoy and his cronies should be forced to enter the bull ring against this new leader in his last fight, in a nationally televised spectacle for the people of Spain, if they survive they all go into exile penny-less.

  4. Mr Weaver, that’s not the point is it? we would not be so stupid and if they live by the sword etc….well hopefully. I guess you’ll be wanting bear baiting brought back as well. its time for Spain to emerge from the dark ages and listen to their younger generation who want this macho barbarism stopped, after all what purpose does it serve you cant exactly call it pest control otherwise you would be in the ring.

  5. Good to see that Sr.Esco is maintaining the high level of intellectual discourse here…..
    I am old enough to remember David Frost interviewing the late Cardinal John Carmel Heenan,Archbishop of Westminster on television, when he asked the Cardinal’s views on the death of Arkle, a horse in the Grand National…….
    The Cardinal replied “David……..if the English had a fraction of the concern for their children which they have for animals, we would be a much more civilised country”.
    The London SW1 Post Office in Howick Place had to lay on extra vans carrying the hate mail to Archbishop’s House for weeks afterwards, including human faeces posted by the likes of Sr.Esco……….
    The Cardinal had touched the Achilles heel of the English!

  6. It’s not really a sport, it’s to please the blood thirsty crowds. Bullfighting has been going on for centuries and believe it was first introduced in Spain by the Romans, (another cruel race) but instead of animals they used humans.

    There are cruel sports in various countries even in the U.K there is still cock fighting and dog fighting going on today although against the law, but it’s going on.

    Murder of another human being is against the law but it still goes on.

  7. A man who wears a frock for a living, who’s not even a decent drag artist, pontificates on child abuse and we are meant to take him seriously ? What did he ever do to relieve childhood misery ? Afraid the grand Archbishops views are totally irrelevant concerning bull killing for fun.
    Anthony, do you really believe that it’s only Brits who hate this odious practice ?

  8. ‘I wonder how many of our bull-supporters would have enough cojones to go into the ring at Ventas in Madrid and face their anthropomorphised “friends”

    What a ridiculously stupid phrase Anthony.

    Most Spanish are against this ‘sport’. Just not in Andalucia.

    A future voted national ban would be fantastic!

  9. Derek,
    Your “future national ban” will never happen……….
    European Law will never prevail either:
    Clever lawyers made sure that the Treaty of Accession by which Spain joined the European Union contains a clause guaranteeing, in perpetuity, Spain’s “national traditions”.
    The corrida is,of course,the greatest of these traditions.
    You are quite right that Andalucía has many objectors to bullfighting……..Catalonia always likes to lick the arse of modernity and so has closed all its bullrings, but Ventas in Madrid will never close.
    By the way, the great bullrings of the south of France in Nimes and Orange won’t be closing either !
    The Spanish Embassy in London used to employ, and may still employ, a junior clerk, to acknowledge the regular letters from bullfight protestors……..Such letters are always politely acknowledged,of course,before they are flushed down the toilet.

  10. The Mojacar diners were foreigners……….
    Their “happiness” is irrelevant….they have made a free choice to live in Spain. If they object to Spain’s ancient traditions,they can always return to their countries of birth………
    Sounds very much,Lenox, as if the diners couldn’t quite pluck up the courage to ask the bar owner to turn the television off….
    I wonder why ?
    their Spanish not up to it ?????????????????

  11. Toooooma !!!! Spain and civilised do not go together….. Spain and doing naff all for six months of the year are true sole mates.

    No one in their right mind would say the matadors didn’t deserve this… Hooray for the Bull… Cancel them all

  12. I am against bullfighting for their cruelty, but I do not mind other traditional games as:




    The bull Raton is still remembered. A real star.

    The only condition that I impose is that the bulls do not suffer. There are certain activities called “toro embolado”, bull of Coria, bull of la Vega, which I think should be banned.

    I In my opinion it’s not appropriate to talk about cruelty, but about complete indifference for the suffering of animals.

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