CARS will soon be banished from Alicante city centre, as pedestrianisation work continues from today, April 19, in the streets around the Teatro Principal.

The city seeks to take what they described last year as the “definitive step” in reshaping the city centre, with the introduction of a ‘pedestrian corridor’ with over 22,000 square metres of free space.

Improvements to existing pavements, driveways and street furniture are also part of the plan.

Renovation of  drains and the installation of a new collector started on the Constitución avenue axis, Bailén and Castaños streets. 

The city’s traffic department have already cut off Vehicle access and prohibited parking between The Rambla and the intersection with Calle Bailén.

The work will continue for three weeks, from today until May 9, when work continues on Calle Bailén itself.

Travel direction on Villegas and Quevedo streets will reverse to allow vehicles access garages.

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