Motorists are ditching their cars for bikes to save money, especially after the government scrapped the 20 cents per litre fuel discount. 

About 20 million people or 57.1% of the population already use their bikes on a regular basis, according to Spain’s Bicycle Barometre. 

But that figure is projected to be higher as many Spanish cities offer electric bikes and many charging points. 

It is already a terrific choice for the less physically-fit, as the built-in battery means riders do not have to pedal at all.

But it is proving to be a more economical option as well, particularly after the Spanish government stopped its fuel discount as petrol and diesel prices begin to level out since the Ukraine invasion last year. 

According to data from automotive company Norauto, the annual savings from using an electric bicycle is 2,010 euros compared to cars. 

It also contributes to a 99% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, the data suggested.

In Spain, there are 900,000 electric bikes in circulation, making them the most popular electric form of transport in the country.  


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