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Spain’s Sierra Bermeja fire was set intentionally with flammable liquid, possibly petrol, Prosecutor’s Office reports

THE fire in Sierra Bermeja is thought to have been started by a flammable liquid, such as petrol. From the outset it has been clear...

Tightening of laws in Gibraltar could see life imprisonment for those found in possession of large quantities of petrol

WITH the number of petrol-related incidents continuing to rise on the Rock, the government has proposed a Bill to enforce bigger penalties. Earlier this year,...

Spain will not ban the sale of diesel or petrol cars by 2040, but still aims to be carbon...

THE Government has announced that it will not ban the sale of diesel or petrol cars by 2040.

French suspect held over wildfire on Spain’s Costa del Sol ‘used PETROL’ to try and kill hornets, say police

It comes as residents of the Forest Hills urbanization - where some 2,000 people were evacuated - have claimed that the fire was part of a neighbourly dispute

IN A PICKLE: Lorry flips on AP-7 motorway spilling 13,000 litres of petrol on artichoke field in Alicante

A LORRY carrying 27,000 litres of petrol and diesel flipped on the AP-7 motorway outside Alicante, spilling half of its contents on a nearby...

Madrid’s firefighters go green to reduce pollution in the city

It is estimated the move will save €18,000 and reduce emissions by 50 tonnes while the total cost of the fleet came in at €660,000.

REVEALED: The most expensive place to fill up your car in Spain… and it costs even more than the...

THE Balearics have the highest petrol prices in Spain and are even higher than the UK average, according to new reports. Prices on the Spanish...

Virtually all fossil fuel in Spain imported from abroad

The European statistics agency Eurostat has revealed that dependency on imports has risen by 17 percentage points in 25 years

New contamination tests demanded on former Repsol land

A detox of the land, which was used to store petrol in the 1970s, took place in 2002 but new legislation demands more tests

Spanish drivers enjoy record-low petrol prices

Prices of petrol and unleaded have gone down 6% and 13.5% respectively since last year

Spanish motorists set to save money at the pumps by clubbing together

A collective purchasing scheme is being put in motion

Battle for oil: Spain’s pursuit of liquid gold

Spain’s escalating oil exploration dispute is taking on the proportions of the epic seafaring battles of old, as Rob Horgan reports

Spain’s most expensive petrol station in Almeria, reveals study

While the cheapest place to fill up on the Costa del Sol is in Estepona...

Petrol prices drop in Spain

The average price per litre has fallen just in time for summer

Beat the petrol price rise in Spain

Top tips for motorists on saving cash

30 arrested in 15 Spanish provinces for involvement in billion euro petrol fraud scheme

Police have dismantled a multi-million euro operation involving 30 individuals who they believe are connected to two major criminal groups with assets worth €1 billion

Christmas boon for petrolheads

Petrol price falls leaving diesel at its most expensive price ever in Spain

We’ll drink to that!

EXCLUSIVE: In-depth Olive Press study proves that Spain floors UK when it comes to basic essentials and our perennial vices

Does it costa bit more in Spain?

For most people, living in Spain certainly trumps life back in the UK, but is it still as cheap as we once thought it was? Andrew Pearce and Asha Stuttard whipped out their calculators, pencils and notepads to shed further light on the price-playing field.




Man gets 17 years after fatally stabbing disabled stepfather 21 times on Spain’s Costa Blanca

A drug-user from Iceland was handed 17 years in prison for fatally stabbing his mother’s partner in Torrevieja. The frenzied attack on his fellow countryman,...


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