FUMING: Around 500 cars were stopped for 10 hours as firefighters cleaned up

A LORRY carrying 27,000 litres of petrol and diesel flipped on the AP-7 motorway outside Alicante, spilling half of its contents on a nearby artichoke field.

More than fifty firefighters from five municipalities spent 10 hours containing the spillage, which caused traffic jams until 5pm on Saturday (April 29).

The lorry hit the guardrails and slid sideways at KM 735 in the municipality of Catral, direction Alicante.

Guardia Civil advised nearby residents not to leave their houses, and Guardia’s environmental arm SEPRONA has been dispatched to investigate potential damages, including to the waterways.

Around 500 vehicles were completely stopped during the ten-hour delay, whilst police diverted traffic further behind.

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