petrolSPAIN imports nearly all of its fossil fuel from abroad, a report has shown.

The European statistics agency Eurostat has revealed that dependency on imports has risen by 17 percentage points in 25 years.

Fossil fuel imports shot from 81% in 1990 to 98% in 2015.

This places Spain as one of the most import-dependent countries in the EU.

Fossil fuels are the principal source of energy in Spain, representing 74% of the country’s usage. The transport sector in particular is almost completely reliant on fossil fuels.


  1. All the more reason to embrace renewable energy with vigour. The Sun can do a lot more than entice tourists. Spain is blessed with huge amounts of sunshine and it’s Western shores have an almost limitless amount of wind from the Atlantic. The money wasted on burning black crap could and should be used to show the way to the rest of Europe. There’s a golden opportunity for the country to blaze a trail into a future that will inevitably be powered by alternative energy.
    Get on with it, stop huddling round your coal fires.

  2. Get a solar panel to try and reduce the ridiculous energy cost and wait for the taxes, fines and restrictions. Two former political chiefs are both on the boards of energy companies post their privatisations and their shifts from political life. Conflict of interests? No problem, esto es España. Government wines about its holy CONSTITUCIÓN, but they change it at the drop of the hat when it suits them. In fact its not worth the paper its written on, unless its when they use it as soft paper.

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