VOLKSWAGEN’S electric car battery company PowerCo has started construction on its new plant at Sagunto in Valencia province which will become operational in 2026.

The factory will be on a 150 hectare site on the Parc Sagunt II industrial estate which will also house a battery recycling plant.

King Felipe presided over a ceremony on Friday to lay the first stone and said the factory was a ‘great bet for the future’ and would lead Spain to become a ‘European electric mobility hub’.

Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, accompanied the monarch and commented that the project was a good example of how Spain should move to a ‘new productive model in a commitment to innovation and sustainable mobility’.

He added that it sent out a ‘hopeful message’ when wealth and job creation is linked to reducing dangerous emissions.

The PowerCo plant- the first electric car battery factory in Spain- will have the capacity to make 150 million battery cells per annum serving 500,000 cars.

Around €3 billion will be invested in the next three years to create 3,000 new jobs- 92% of those directly involved in battery production- and up 12,000 indirect positions.

“This is a country project to recover industrial weight and create wealth and prosperity,” said SEAT president, Wayne Griffiths.

Batteries will be supplied to VW car plants in the Barcelona and Pamplona areas.


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