MARBELLA city council has removed more than 120 nuisance vehicles from public roads in the first semester.

A total of 123 abandoned vehicles have been withdrawn from the city’s streets and transferred to the municipal deposit so far this year.

In general these unattended vehicle are left scattered throughout the municipality, although they are more concentrated in the areas around the industrial estates

The majority of these cars, 74%, have been collected during the intensive pre-summer campaign that took place in the period between April 24 and June 5, a task that is carried out by the Local Police which requires significant administrative effort.

In 2022 alone 1,130 vehicles were filed as abandoned, of which 300 were withdrawn, compared to 228 vehicles in 2021 and 143 in 2020.

According to the head of the Local Police, Javier Martín, the procedure is ‘complex’ and a car is certified as abandoned if it has been parked for more than a month in the same place, it presents damage that prevents its movements, or does not have registration plates.

The vehicle is then transferred to the municipal deposit, where after two months, if the owner has not made an allegation, it typically ends up in the scrapyard.

Any citizen who has observed the presence of an abandoned vehicle can report it to.


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