POLLUTION levels in Spain have decreased dramatically due to coronavirus.

The decrease in traffic has led to a notable drop of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) levels.

According to Greenpeace, the amount of nitrogen dioxide in Spain doesn’t even reach 40% of the permitted amount set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the EU.

This has been the first time since the regulations came into force in 2010, that the Capital has not breached the designated level of NO2.

According to the environmental organisation’s data, there has been a reduction of 60% of traffic on the roads of Madrid and Barcelona.

The NGO estimates that around 4.5 million people die each year from coal, oil and gas pollution.

They also estimate that this costs Spain €21,751 million, 1.68% of the country’s GDP.

Adrian Fernandez, head of the Greenpeace mobility campaign said: “The current extraordinary situation can serve as learning to reduce the thousands of deaths that poor air quality causes each year.”

He also mentioned that within hours, pollution was reduced dramatically because of the reduction in traffic and the decrease in temperature, despite the fact that other polluting sources have continued to operate.

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  1. An ironic silver lining….
    A number from the band “Sleeping In Traffic” Includes the lines –
    “Gaia shrugged mankind away
    Her gift of life is all but worn and frayed
    When all the fires of industry have burned out
    And all the fuel is spent
    Who among the dead will claim the riches?”

    One way or another, Gaia WILL shrug us off. Right now she is deploying her tiniest soldiers – Covid 19. We ought to take the hint.

    Location : malaga

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