GUARDIA Civil are cracking down on movements across the country with a particular focus on roads which lead to the coasts. 

It means if you are caught travelling with families and suitcases to your second residence, you will be ordered to return to your home with a fine of between €601 and €30,000.

The state security forces began the ‘high impact operation’ today in a bid to stop people planning to break the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

One of the biggest focuses has been on stopping people heading to the Costa del Sol after Andalucia surpassed 1,000 cases today.

Guardia Civil will have controls at the access roads across the AP-46, the AP-7 and the A-7.

Motorways will see checkpoints set up in the middle of the road, an almost unprecedented step only reserved for New Year’s Eve and in a bid to catch dangerous criminals or terrorists.

Agents will also be stationed at the toll road booths on the AP-46 and motorways on the Costa del Sol.

They will carry out random checks on any drivers who arouse suspicion or are clearly defying the restrictions laid out in the royal decree.

Marbella Arch
Officers are cracking down on coronavirus lockdown violations on the Costa del Sol

The stricter operation is being carried out alongside Policia Nacional and Policia Local and will be in effect in all municipalities.

Controls will also be installed at the entrances to different cities and towns, mostly at roundabouts.

The measures are to enforce the lockdown rules which forbid non-essential travel for all citizens and residents.

It comes after hundreds and possibly thousands of people fled Madrid once it began closing schools and businesses.

They fled to the likes of the Costa del Sol, where they have second homes, including ex-prime minister Jose Aznar.

In total, more than 30,000 roadblocks are being set up across the country which will be maintained throughout the weekend.

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