THE Olive Press has relaunched its website with a brand new host.

It comes after being let down badly by previous server American firm Hostgator, just days after we went live with the exciting new design.

The web-hosting company inexplicably restricted access to the site and then failed to fix it despite continued pleas for assistance.

No prior warning was issued, despite a long working relationship.

They advised some changes – before they could review the situation – which were completed immediately. However, consequent requests for a review went completely unanswered.

The Olive Press was eventually forced to change hosts to a European company, and transfer the entire website and five sister sites across this weekend.

A spokesman for Hostgator has so far failed to apologise or provide any explanation, while the numerous support tickets issued have been ignored.

This comes after launching a revamped website, apps for Androids and iPhones and a new office in Sabinillas.

All websites are now live and being updated regularly throughout the day.


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