riot police drinkingA RIOT police leader was caught seeing double with three times the permitted alcohol level and travelling against traffic in Pamplona, Navarra.

The inebriated high-ranking National Police commander in charge for the Police Intervention Unit of the Basque Country and Navarra was arrested and removed from office.

The 56-year-old is to be disciplined in accordance with the police’s disciplinary system following his reckless driving regardless of the upcoming judge’s ruling on the case.

Provincial police made the arrest on the A-15 in West Pamplona going from the town of Berriozar not long past midnight.

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  1. Not the biggest surprise as it seems a lot of police here are a law to their own. I get a large amount of off duty Police in my bar and even had a few run ins with some refusing to pay their bills, at least 90% leave and drink drive. I have a regular customer who is Guardia Civil and he recently told me him and colleges start the day with a brandy coffee.

  2. Mark,
    I’ve met 2 UK ex-police officers who lost their jobs for drink driving. Not for one minute do I doubt what you say but I think location plays a part here. Having spent 7 years living behind the Snowy Mountains I can say that I never saw a single G/C or P/L drink and drive or drink to much – perhaps where I lived was more the ‘traditional Spain’.

  3. @stuart
    Well that Is good news and I am not saying all police are the same but from experiences there are a lot of rotten apples. just before last summer a group of off duty national police got drunk in my bar and actually threatened my staff with inspections unless they threw away bill. Yes in the end they paid but not after they had thrown up all the toilets and entrances, if it wasn’t for one who was sober they would of run riot, and yes they were all driving. But to be fair one came back the following day and said sorry. I have 100s of stories like that one

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