FURIOUS: Teresa Rodriguez

PODEMOS candidate for the Junta de Andalucia presidency has slammed a Spanish television programme for broadcasting a photograph which supposedly showed her naked on a beach. 

Teresa Rodriguez, who will be running against Susana Diaz in the March 22 elections, has lodged an official complaint against Television Española.

The 33-year-old politician claims that the photograph was broadcast despite it not being of her, and insisted that the programme had at no point contacted her about it.

“What’s more, it’s a stolen photo from an illegitimate source, of another person with no public presence but who has tragically become collateral damage in this attack,” she said.

“This is violating the right to privacy, the right to your own image and the right to honour.

“We want to make it clear that we are going to fight this with all our resources, because we understand that this is not only a personal attack against me, but part of a phenomenon that must be suppressed in our society, namely, the objectification of the female body.”

teresa rodriguez
MISTAKE: The photo that Rodriguez says is not of her

Rodriguez has taken her appeal to the people of Andalucia, to social network users and to the internet so that ‘they won’t collaborate nor do the dirty work of those who intend to reproduce women’s images as though they have no rights, no will and no capacity to decide about their own image’.

She finished: “We will not tolerate this.”


  1. There are long-standing international laws prohibiting any such photos published for any commercial purpose without written authorization by the identifiable subject. A law suit against those involved in taking and publicizing such photos for a few million euros in compensation, shows outrage of victim. Maybe all will be adjudicated in Spain before all parties die of Old Age. ?!

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