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RUNAWAY VICTORY: Conservative People’s Party wins absolute majority in Spain’s Andalucia regional election

THE Conservative People’s Party has scored an overwhelming absolute majority in the regional election celebrated yesterday, Sunday June 19. PP chief, Juan Manuel Moreno, has...

Andalucian elections 2022: Who’s who in the race to lead the region

WITH the regional election campaign now in full swing ahead of polling day on Sunday, June 19, The Olive Press takes a look at...

OPINION: Give expats full voting rights in Spain

THE Right to vote is considered one of the most fundamental rights in a democracy. A mere century ago women were throwing themselves under horses...

DEATH THREAT? Basque MP in Spanish parliament reveals how he received Miss Marple DVD from same man who sent...

Jon Inarritu a member of Congress for the left wing Bildu party in the Basque Country was left baffled when he received a mysterious...

POLL: Right-wing government would hold onto Spain’s Andalucia if election held tomorrow following historic 2018 victory

ANDALUCIA would remain in the hands of a right-wing government if an election were held tomorrow, a new poll has suggested. The Partido Popular...

Far right party Vox enters petty row with Spain’s biggest pop star Rosalia after she said ‘f*** Vox’ during...

Vox has campaigned on a platform of anti-immigration and pledged to repeal gender-based violence laws

Popular gay bar owner ‘fearful’ of growing far right and Vox after ‘noticeable spike’ in homophobic attacks in LGBT...

As a gay man and owner of a gay bar in the LGBT-friendly resort on Spain’s Costa del Sol, he has never felt unsafe, until now

BREAKING: Surprise Gibraltar elections called for October 17 by Chief Minister Fabian Picardo

Together Gibraltar told us they are 'ready' for the upcoming elections in another exclusive.

Susana Diaz will NOT resign after historic losses to far-right Vox party in Andalucia

The local leader said she would take her seat, even if the opposition parties formed a coalition

WATCH: Leader of far right Vox party vows ‘taking back of Spain will begin in Andalucia’ in Putin-style horse... THE leader of Spain's far right Vox party has claimed the 'reconquering' of Spain will begin in Andalucia.  Santiago Abascal posted the message from his...

Russia to open polling stations in Andalucia and Spain for upcoming presidential election

RUSSIA is to open four polling stations in Spain to allow expats to vote in their country's upcoming presidential election. Russian expats will be able...

Embattled Pedro Sanchez calls PSOE leadership vote showdown for October 23

Socialists humiliated in Basque Country and Galicia local elections

Mariano Rajoy agrees to Ciudadanos’ anti-corruption plan in bid to remain Spain’s Prime Minister

Albert Rivera is confident that this move will be enough to avoid a third election

Everything you need to know about the Spanish election and how it will impact expats

With the Brexit referendum at the forefront of most people’s minds, the run-up to the Spanish general election has almost slipped under the radar

Left-wing parties in Spain close to seizing power

Unidos Podemos are on course to win between 24.6% and 26% of the vote

Last ditch attempt to form government

Politicians meet royalty for final effort to form government

Fabian Picardo wins landslide Gibraltar election

The GSLP/Libs alliance took 68.03% of the votes

The Scottish question

Artus Mas may claim victory for his pro-independence Junts pel Si, but failure to secure a majority of votes weakens him

Gibraltar’s Chamber of Commerce releases economic wishlist for new government

The Chamber’s board of directors have published what they believe should be the economic priorities of the new government, following this winter’s elections

Mariano Rajoy refuses to be swayed by Catalan election result

PP premier to stand firm on Catalan independence claims despite overwhelming support for parties

First exit polls suggest Catalan independence parties in line for victory

Artur Mas's Junts Pel Si expects victory to lead to vote on separation from Spain

Spain’s PP leading the polls four months ahead of general election

New numbers show the PP with a clear lead over other parties


After the most hotly contested local elections in recent memory, pact-negotiations have ceased and mayors across the country have been unveiled

PP ousted from Marbella as four-party pact finally reaches agreement

Socialist Jose Bernal will be invested as mayor for the next four years

Three days remain for political pact-making in Spain’s municipal governments

Local politicians are making promises left, right and centre to secure the pact they need to govern as the clock ticks down





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