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Spain’s Podemos to meet with International Monetary Fund chiefs

Podemos are to present their plan to reduce Spain's national debt

Podemos vows to defeat PP after election triumph

Two new political groups inspired by the indignados protests made huge impacts in Madrid and Barcelona

ELECTIONS: PP lose absolute majorities across Andalucia

The PP lost its majority in all eight of the province capitals

Voters head to the polls in Spain

VOTING is underway in municipal elections  across Andalucia today. There are also regional and municipal elections across much of Spain that could challenge the grip...

Expats hold balance of power in many Spanish towns

Anger at corruption could see Podemos get into power in Madrid and Barcelona

Decision time!

With less than a month to go, election debates and campaigns are in full swing

A new dawn for Andalucia

Andalucia should wake up to an entirely new political scenario on Monday morning

Time for change: In Andalucia

Excitement is building ahead of the Junta elections

Andalucia’s chance for a bright new dawn

Andalucia needs change, in any shape or form

Andalucia Elections: Time for change?

All eyes are on Andalucia in the lead-up to the most fiercely-contested regional elections in decades, with new parties Podemos and Ciudadanos threatening three decades of socialist dominance. Who’s got the X factor? Iona Napier looks at the likely outcome

Podemos sets up in Andalucia for ‘crucial’ elections while Teresa Rodriguez heads to London

"If anywhere needs political regeneration and fresh air, it's Andalucia," said Inigo Errejon

Divide and conquer?

As Madrid Socialists cast out stalwart Tomas Gomez, PP ranks prepare for power play, writes Mario Alegria

Spain political candidate Teresa Rodriguez furious at ‘naked pic’ on national TV

Andalucia politician representing Podemos in next month's Junta elections has launched legal action

Voteless yet taxed: A call-to-arms for disenfranchised British expats in Spain

With expats currently losing their right to vote after 15 years abroad, Ray Ward explains why Brits should conjure up the spirit of the Boston Tea Party

Spain will be watching

Andalucia's regional elections will measure how much punch Podemos can deliver

Volunteers gear up for Podemos ‘March for Change’ rally in Madrid

Optimism is growing ahead of tomorrow's 'March for Change' in Madrid

UPDATE: Regional elections to go ahead on March 22 in Andalucia

Head of the Junta, Susana Diaz, brings forward the polls, complaining that her leftist coalition was unstable
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Pablo Iglesias: It’s Podemos v. the PP

PSOE leader Pedro Sanchez came under fire at an anniversary celebration in Sevilla

Can Podemos really win?

Journalist Mario Alegria questions Podemos’ political weight in his debut column

Early regional elections called for Catalunya

Catalan President Artur Mas schedules regional elections for September 27

New Year’s revolutions

2015 looks to be a year of politics and pensions

British expats to vote in UK elections

More than 1.5 million expats living in Europe will soon regain their right to vote in UK elections

Giant step for expats

Good news for expats, as they are set to regain their right to vote in UK elections

Podemos under fire after men take eight in 10 municipal top spots

Party statute insists that each gender must have at least 40% representation

PP comes out top in opinion poll, followed by PSOE and Podemos

But PP votes have almost halved from 2011 elections

REMEMBER Just one day left to claim your vote in Spain

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