ELECTIONS will be repeated in a town in Almeria after a vote was placed in the wrong ballot box. 

PSOE won the elections in the municipality of Fiñana, a town with a population of 1,978, obtaining an overall majority with five seats. 

Followed by PP and VOX, which obtained two councillors each.

However, the socialists’ fifth councillor was only won by a single vote, while PP was just a vote away from getting a fourth seat. 

During the election day, which took place last May 28, there was a local who placed their vote in the wrong ballot box. 

In order to fix the issue, members of the electoral table decided to remove a random ballot from the box.

However, the Central Electoral Board has ruled out that the elections need to be repeated due to the impact this vote could have in the constitution of the mayor’s office. 

The decision comes after an appeal presented by PP.  

A single vote could translate into PSOE losing a seat to the conservatives.

If that ends up being the case, PSOE would lose its overall majority and PP could form a coalition with VOX. 

A new election day is yet to be determined. 

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