THE exclusive Al Andalus tourist train, marketed as ‘a palace on wheels,’ is planning to add a stop-off in Malaga to its Andalucia itinerary.

The train oozes old-school charm
The train oozes old-school charm

Javier Diaz, Renfe’s Al Andalus executive, has presented plans for a spectacular route stopping off in Malaga next year.

The train already offers luxury tours around Spain with routes around Andalucia, Extremadura, the Camino de Santiago and the Rioja wine regions.

The train, which looks like something out of an Agatha Christie novel, oozes old-school elegance with suites built originally for the use of the British monarchy 85 years ago.

Currently, the train’s only stop in the Malaga Province is Ronda, in a five night trip which costs around €2,400 per person.

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