A FORMER boxer took his life into his hands to save dozens of people asleep inside a burning building.

HERO: Sean McShey
HERO: Sean McShea

Dubliner Sean McShea, 33, was walking home at 2am when he spotted the out-of-control blaze in a block of flats in Duquesa Port.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Sean, a personal trainer who moved to Duquesa eight years ago, was inside the building tackling the blaze.

And thanks to his quick-thinking, he almost certainly saved lives, claim firemen.

After scrambling around the building on his hands and knees to avoid the smoke, Sean eventually found an extinguisher and was able to put the blaze out.

“I saw the flames coming from the apartment block from quite a distance,” he said. “As I got closer it hit me that there may be women and children inside the building.

“I didn’t think twice about going in, I was totally acting on adrenaline, it never occurred to me that it might be dangerous.”

Fire services arrived an alarming half-hour later and thanked Sean for his heroic actions.

An electrical fault with the fuse box was determined as the cause of the fire.


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