IDENTITIES of the murdered family in Gibraltar will remain withheld until after the Easter weekend, say police.

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Copyright Olive Press

All family members have now been notified and those arriving in Gibraltar over the weekend will be pivotal to investigations, ‘especially in relation to the state of mind of the female’.

Police have revealed that the deceased Spanish woman’s next of kin will be crucial to unravelling the unexplained murders.

The post-mortems of the 37-year-old Spanish female and the four-year-old girl are complete but analysis continues for the British male, reportedly from Liverpool, and the six-week-old baby girl.

The family unit of four was found dead at 11am in a Boschetti’s Steps flat in Gibraltar on Monday, all with fatal wounds.

The 31-year-old British male, 37-year-old Spanish female and two girls, one four and the other six weeks old, are thought to have been living in Spain but had recently relocated to Gibraltar.

The three females were reportedly found with their throats slashed and all four had stab wounds in a scene so harrowing that police required counselling.

A Gibraltar police spokesman told the Olive Press: “All the family members have now been notified.

“However, information that the family members can provide will be crucial to investigations.”

“Especially in relation to the female.”

The spokesman did not deny that the four-year-old girl was Danish, thought to be the female’s daughter from a previous relationship.

Eye-witnesses who saw the family in Gibraltar have described the male as ‘a huge man’ whilst the female ‘was very petite’.

The investigation of the scene continues.

Police hope to be in a position to reveal the identities of the family members after the weekend, on Monday at the earliest.


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