AUCTIONEERS are looking to clean up when they sell the first ever mop and bucket, invented by a Spaniard in 1956.Mop

The brainchild of aeronautical engineer Manuel Jalon will have a reserve price of €300 at auction house Balclis.

Jalon’s design, although slow to catch on, revolutionised housework, meaning cleaners no longer had to work on their hands and knees.

The original mop and bucket is rare and one of the few copies lives in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Barcelona.


  1. I Bid TWO euros, nada mas. And the bucket MUST include some clean water!!
    I have thrown out in Basura a dozen of these, so I know their worth! About 0 euros.
    Anyone want to BUY 10-12 more I have?! WHO is to claim “The First Mop!”, etc

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