HERO: Nurse Zatysha
HERO: Nurse Zatysha

WHEN three British tourist are the only ones around to save the lives of people drowning, questions must be asked of the emergency services.

The quick-thinking and bravery of British nurse Zatysha Charlemagne and two other holidaymakers may have saved the life of one stranded tourist in Marbella… but surely it was not their job.

With local experts confirming the waters were too dangerous to swim in, it begs the question where were the red flags… and the lifeguards?

It was 5pm in the afternoon, after all.

Equally disturbing are reports of police officers doing little and late-arriving ambulance staff.

Questions must now be asked and changes made to improve beach safety and emergency service response.

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  1. Certainly, legally & politically “absurd” that during off season with NO lifeguardss on duty, there are NOT ANY warnings on the Paseo boards saying “WARNING – Life Guards not on Duty – Swim at your Own Risk” “Do NOT enter water when Red Flags fly” etc.
    So NO Marbella Town Hold Harmless! Has Director of Beaches RESIGNED/been fired yet??!!

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