A TOPLESS female protester had her head squashed by police today whilst showing her discontent for Spain’s new gag law scheduled to be passed on July 1.

Photo from Twitter/Vice Spain
Photo from Twitter/Vice Spain

In Madrid, a protester for Femen – a radical feminist protest group founded in Ukraine and now operating out of Paris – was fighting the ‘Ley Mordeza’ which would prohibit much public protest.

Launching herself upon Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz crying ‘protesting isn’t illegal’ and ‘activism isn’t terrorism’, the ‘sextremist’ was swiftly arrested.

If the law is passed, a €30,000 fine would punish rebels if they protest in front of Parliament and other government premises as a result of a ‘disturbance of public safety’.

A spectacular hologram of protesters was showcased by No Somos Delito (We Are Not a Crime) on April 10.


  1. I guess every country will soon reveal itself to be an oligarchy like the usa. You have the right to shut up and take a beating, and the right to go to jail forever if you complain.
    Bravon Spain for being one the first. Again.

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