PODEMOS and Ciudadanos appear to have made huge gains in Spain’s regional and local elections, according to exit polls.

The governing PP party won the most votes according to the polls, but may have lost the Madrid city council seat for the first time in 20 years.

Anti-corruption party Podemos could be on course to gain Barcelona, while Ciudadanos, who also campaigned on an anti-corruption platform, also look to have won many seats.

The country appears to have turned its back on the traditional two main parties, the PP and the socialists PSOE.

A poll by television channel Antenna 3 predicts Podemos and Ciudadanos have won seats in almost all regional governments, but that the PP still won the most votes in 11 of the 13 regions.

More than 8,000 councils are up for election, with this round of voting seen as a crucial sign for what is to come in the national elections later this year.

Turnout was slightly higher than the last election, in 2007.




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