RONDA: PP candidate Mari Paz Fernandez Lobato casts her vote
RONDA: PP candidate Mari Paz Fernandez Lobato casts her vote

THE PSOE won the most seats in Andalucia’s municipal elections, with the PP losing many absolute majorities.

Huelva city council changed hands for the first time in 12 years with an absolute majority for the PSOE.

The PP lost its absolute majority in all eight of the province capitals.

The PSOE gained the largest share of votes, with 34.34%, up from 32.5% four years ago.

However, in Ronda the PP won for the first time in history, capitalising on a PSOE slip.

In Manilva, both the PSOE and new party Compromiso Manilva won five seats each. Izquierda Unida also won four seats which means Dean Tyler Shelton becomes the municipality’s first expat councillor.

While in Mijas, PP mayor Angel Nozal lost his majority with Ciudadanos gaining 5 seats, meaning they may now be forced to pact with each other.

This follows a national trend in support for new parties Ciudadanos, and – at a regional government level – Podemos.

In the country’s regional government elections, the PP won 12 of the 13 governments but lost its absolute majorities. Its support fell dramatically to 27% from 37% in 2011.

In Madrid, the PP’s majority took a battering, with Ahora Madrid, led by 71-year-old retired judge and grandmother Manuela Carmena, coming second.

She may now form a pact with the PSOE to keep the PP and current mayor Esperanza Aguirre out of city hall.

In Barcelona, the Podemos backed candidate Ada Colau Ballano came first in the mayoral election with 25% of the vote.

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