holiday-rental-spainPRIVATE rentals are dominating the holiday market in Spain.

For the first time, the number of home rentals has surpassed the number of hotel beds booked in Spain.

Airbnb and similar sites took a total of 2.7 million bookings in the past year, compared to the 2.4 million reservations taken out at hotels and traditional lodgings.

Airbnb currently lists 278,000 properties in Spain.

In Barcelona alone, 64% of available rooms are offered by online home rental services.

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  1. I see the Public has voted their preference. It makes sense when you compare: greater sense of privacy, larger living space/group, flexibility to economically eat in or out, space for family children & dining facility, overall cost for living space/person, etc. I guess, compete or else! But hotels report higher occupancy rates then ever B4….so?

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