LET’S face it. In this modern world of tricky technology, increasingly-long working days and economic uncertainty, everybody’s pretty stressed.

costa de la luzLike it or not, our day-to-day decisions and general sense of well-being are constantly influenced by a barrage of international news events.

After nearly 20 years of helping clients purchase a property here we have received a lot of feedback on why buyers have either been motivated or deterred from purchasing in Andalucia.

This week it is the ‘Grexit’, last month it was atrocities in Tunisia, while last year’s headlines focused on the stock market turbulence.

The vast majority of buyers purchasing in Spain are looking to achieve a common goal; ‘peace of mind’. After all, buying a property is a big decision and often involves a large investment.

They are buying into a lifestyle change giving them the opportunity to kick off their shoes and escape the strains of day to day life.

Coming here they can relax on award-winning beaches, sample the excellent local cuisine, absorb the culture and enjoy the sights and sounds of ‘real Spain’.

Andaluz Homes exclusively offers a 20-year Safe Purchase Guarantee (underwritten by *Caser*) as part of its comprehensive service. The title deed guarantee insurance is provided on all property sales.

Visit www.andaluzhomes.com

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