marbella-lighthouseTHE iconic Marbella lighthouse is set to be reborn as a boutique hotel.

Two companies have submitted applications to turn the 29-metres high landmark into the town’s next hippest overnight destination.

These applications will now be checked over by the Port Authority before being displayed publicly, so that objections and concerns can be lodged.

One condition is that the plans retain public access to the lighthouse, built in 1864, so that it can still be enjoyed by the masses.

This project is part of the nationwide campaign to protect and restore lighthouses which are no longer in use, called Proyecto faros de Espana.

A lighthouse in Malaga, La Farola, was recently restored and turned into one of the city’s most popular hotels.

While the Punta Doncella lighthouse in Estepona was restored two years ago with landscaped gardens, decking and benches.

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  1. Why is Spain so bad at advertising their amazing places. Tried to find good photos of LA Farola in Malaga. Really difficult to get anything, but even the ‘official’ website is bad. Guests here get very frustrated going into Sevilla, where the signage is terrible. The Catedral, one of the most iconic structures in Spain, isn’t even signposted! Come on Spain. Get your act together and publicise your amazing wares!!!

  2. “Why is Spain so bad at advertising their amazing places?” One may look into the advertising/marketing BUSINESS EXPERIENCE of those given top responsibility for this most important government and economic task. Most don’t have the experience/skills nor are they held responsible/accountable for any results. Without prompt accountability for results, why should they care if poor results occur YEARS after they are out of office?!

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