Elliott with michelle in Cavalli club banusHAVING been a regular fixture on the front of Hello! magazine for the last month, I was obviously delighted to be asked to look after Michelle Keegan on a visit to Marbs.

Recently marrying my cousin Mark Wright in the so-called ‘UK showbiz wedding of the year’, she was over for a hen night with friends.

She’s a good girl and we had a right laugh, shuffling around Puerto Banus, spending time at Cavalli and an entertaining stint at Linekers.

And, of course, the ex-Corrie star behaved herself impeccably.

Meanwhile, I’ve been brushing up my golf in a bid to beat former Spurs ace David Bentley… I certainly can’t be doing with being beaten by his La Sala lot.

There’s some healthy competition there and my soon-to-be-up-and-running Olivia’s Golf Society will definitely help.

Work-wise I’m working 24/7 on the restaurant where everything is finally falling into place with glass curtains, decking and all the ‘agg’ seems to be finally over.

It means I have very little time to think about a love life and I’m very much single at the moment.

There is simply no time for the ladies, something that will have to change soon as I’m not accustomed to being a monk!

As we get nearer to our launch I’ve been out checking the local dining scene, firstly with Steve and Michele at the Little Geranium, Glen and Jordana at El Oceano and this weekend a fantastic roast with Guy at The Beach House.

While then it got lively and somehow I found myself singing ‘Young hearts run free’ with two mates on a table after three jugs of Sangria. How embarrassing I even Instagrammed it. Shame on me!

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