Louise Van Velde
Louise Van Velde

HAPPILY ever after… forget about it. It’s all an illusion.

Instead, live for yourself and live for the moment. That’s the message new Olive Press columnist and legendary TV empowerment therapist Louise Van der Velde has been successfully teaching her whole career.

Having featured on the front pages of British tabloids, garnered a formidable reputation on the ITV’s Lorraine Kelly Show and published a highly popular book, ‘Decent proposal’, she is not afraid of controversy.

“I live for controversy,” she explains. “I have had so many ups and downs personally that it’s made me a master at overcoming life’s challenges.

“And sometimes what’s best for people isn’t always what they want to hear.”

A lover of all things Spain, Louise first moved here 15 years ago but made the move to Marbella permanent six months ago after taking a holiday and realising – like so many – that she never wanted to leave.

And now she is on a mission to help Costa del Sol expats and tourists alike to empower themselves, find true happiness and let go of all their past woes.

Whether it is couples who have lost that spark, or individuals who need motivating, she has seen it all and apparently never failed to help them.

Having set up a new centre, next month she is set to become the Olive Press’ first agony aunt in a brand new problem column.

For now, readers should consider visiting her ‘Wonderful Wednesdays’ sessions, that includes a team of therapists, with an organic lunch, spa treatments and yoga sessions.

“Everybody in the world is jaded,” claims Louise, whose background is in psychology, “except most people don’t realise the extent to which their past is holding them back.

“We filter everything that happens to us through our past experiences, meaning we are only aware of 1% of what is driving us,” explains the Surrey-born psychologist.

“Empowerment is about teaching people to let go of all the past experiences which are holding them back, and then equipping them with the tools to go away and start feeling fantastic.”

A simple enough message, but finding true happiness in life and relationships is an art Louise has mastered over many decades.

She’s found that in order to attract the things you want in life, be it a person, a job – anything – you need to envisage the future the way you want it to be.

Or to put it another way, what or who was once perfect for you may not be anymore, and although it is hard to let go, it is necessary.

However, despite what the UK tabloid press may have previously stated, Louise assures me she does not advocate adultery.

Currently single herself and loving life, this is a woman on a mission. She still visits London once a month where she has a practice in Harley Street, and meanwhile has two TV shows about to launch in the US.

The first, named ‘Indecent Proposal’ after her book, is a Supernanny-style intervention show, while the second – no title yet – looks at the issues of sexual relationships.

“It is all very exciting. It should be a brilliant second half of the year for me and I am very excited about setting up and working on my new business here.

“I look forward to hearing from Olive Press readers for my new column which kicks off next month.”

Don’t miss Louise’s column in our health section next month. For more information visit: www.loveliferetreat.com

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