Pit bullTWO unruly pit-bull terriers are terrorising San Pedro’s canines and have killed several local dogs.

They are owned by a middle-aged German expat in the El Ingenio area and regularly roam without a lead or muzzle.

Neighbours told the Olive Press that local pet-owners live in fear of their dogs being attacked or killed and complain that the police do not take the attacks seriously enough.

“These dogs killed my treasured 13-year-old Yorkshire terrier a year ago but when I filed a denuncia it got ‘lost’ by police,” said a 55-year-old resident who wished to remain nameless.

“Scores have been attacked and more recently my neighbour was devastated when his dog was killed – we need to take action.”


  1. How can this be allowed to continue. These dogs are on the dangerous dog list and at the very least require a muzzle, Insurance, licence from the Town Hall and more. A child could be attacked. These owners are totally irresponsible. How they get away with it I do not know. I feel so sorry for the owners who have lost their dogs through being attacked. Remember it’s not the breed it’s the way the owners raise these dogs.

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