GALICIAN emergency services are fighting a fire that has devoured 3,000 hectares.

Nine planes, seven helicopters, 53 emergency vehicles and 208 soldiers are tackling the blaze in the province of Ourense.

BLAZE: Fire decimates Galician countryside
BLAZE: Fire decimates Galician countryside

The fire started on Sunday at midday and an unknown number of residents have been evacuated.

The PP mayor of Cualedro, Luciano Rivero, said the fire is ‘contained’ thanks to the wind subsiding.





  1. All it will take is a bit of climate change for two years in a row and most of Galicia will be destroyed. Eucalyptus is a very oily wood and burns freely with intense heat. It is time to undo Franco’s orders and let Galicia revert to it’s natural order – oak forests in the valleys and sheep and cattle grasslands on the hills. However it is so easy for the emigres to keep on earning easy money every 12 years or so without doing anything.

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