SPAIN is Europe’s number one property investment target, a new report says.


A poll by property agent Knight Frank reveals that 27% of investors are targeting to buy in Spain next year.

It’s the second year in a row that Spain has topped the lists of most popular countries for property investors.

Germany came second with 25.4% of those polled picking it as their favoured investment location.

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  1. Considering Knight Frank have 2 homes for sale in Germany and 416 for sale in Spain this is unsurprising news favouring Spain over a major powerhouse. Germany will need more houses for their 1 million plus expected migrants, whereas Spain still have 1.6 million homes for sale which will depress prices according to R R Acuna y Asociades and take 10 years to sell, before the next batch come on the market.

    Maybe Spain should increase their migrant welcome, after all they have the space too.

  2. Squiddy,
    always good for a laugh – now tell us how much the Spanish banks lost in property speculation since 2009 and how much they borrowed from the ECB.

    Also tell us just how much the British banks lost in 2008-9. The ‘mittelstand’ is doing very well, unlike the Spanish and the Brits, the Germans will really learn the lesson.

  3. Of course Squiddy, Germany has much weaker property laws then Spain, and I bet its land registries are all inferior to those in Spain as well. Oh and the average property value must have fallen more than 40% in Germany as well lol. A financial investment is not just about banking, it’s about safety in law and having proper procedures and systems in place to protect homeowners, which Spain has demonstrated time and time again it does not have. I expect you read in the news also how the EU report contradicting Spain’s recovery has just been delayed, and paints a rather different view of the recovery than you do. Not sure how car emissions affect property investments, but you can be sure than it’s not just VW – wait and see. I see SEAT were affected too (700,000 cars).

  4. Word is that rentals have become very hard to come by in Madrid. All the fb expat groups are full of requests for help in finding somewhere. Which may account for “madrid new build prices jump” – google this and you’ll see that the market has stepped up a pace at least in the capital. As ever location is the key. Do your research.

  5. As Stuart says EDS etc is always ‘good for a laugh’ for someone who’s never owned a Spanish property. The last person one would look to for advice especially re the CDS he’s not visited nor Madrid where his bookshop failed, up against the likes of Tik Books.

    1.6 million heavily discounted properties in Spain still need selling first, will take 10 years we’re informed to do that!

  6. Wrong again Fred! You’ve made yourself look foolish when you said “what would be a safer bet for your financial investment, Germany or Spain?”. Given the huge losses this year with Deutsche bank and losses to come with VW, your statement looks crazy. At least you are trying to address the issue, unlike the Housley poster who can’t accept “new build prices jump” in Madrid, or Stuart who’s still living in 2009.

    • Squiddy, to suggest that Spain is a safer bet than Germany for a property investment is just deluded. The planning laws fiasco in Spain is reason enough by itself, let alone all the other obstacles and legal problems and the market volatility and collapse. It’s like you’ve not read anything that has been happening in the past decade to property owners in Spain – I suggest you flick through some old copies of the OP to see. I also like it how you meandered around mentioning SEAT in the latest emissions scandal. Btw, car emissions is a subject you brought up and is hardly relevant to this topic, but then that’s what you do best lol.

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