A FORMER Fleet Street photographer has slammed a massive parking fine he got at Malaga airport after an emergency trip home for his wife’s cancer treatment.

Nerja resident Chris Wood, 77, informed staff at AENA long-term car park that they had to delay their return to Spain by a month, while wife Carol underwent a biopsy and mammogram.

CHARGE FURY: Expat blasts parking fees after cancer mercy dash
CHARGE FURY: Expat blasts parking fees after cancer mercy dash

However, upon their return they discovered the extra month’s stay had been billed FOUR TIMES higher than expected.

“The original charge was 50 a month. I let them know we needed an extra month but when I went to pick the car up the total charge was 266,” said Wood, who worked at the Daily Express for 35 years and later as former Prime Minister John Major’s photographer in Downing Street.

“But they didn’t care about our problem and their attitudes were were not helpful at all. To suddenly hammer us with a bill that was more than four times as much was ridiculous.”

Exasperated, Wood eventually paid the bill to take the car away.

A spokesperson for AENA told the Olive Press its policy was to charge an extra 6 a day after a booking expired.

“He should have made another booking. I have been working here for eight years and seen many similar cases,” said the spokesman.

“AENA does not give the money back in this situation. No-one gets reimbursed.”

But as Wood exclaimed: “Why didn’t they tell me that by email or on the phone in the first place. It’s a disgrace.”


  1. Hang on a minute, Matey. You came back to Blighty for free NHS treatment. Then you begrudge having to pay a measly £266 to park your car! Maybe you should have stayed in Spain and paid for the treatment instead?

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