18 Oct, 2015 @ 08:45
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Huge rise in US students to Spanish language schools

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SPANISH language schools have seen a big rise in the number of new students.

american-flagIn July, 460 pupils sat the DELE exam, the official Spanish language diploma, up from 353 last year, with October bookings up 77% from 2014.

A favourable exchange rate has led to a rise in US applicants, making up for the loss of Russian students as the rouble falls in value.

“In general, schools are happy and there’s an air of positivity; they say things are going well,” said Ana Cozar, director of the Spanish Federation of Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language (FEDELE).

Joe Duggan (Reporter)

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  1. There also seems to be a huge rise in classroom assistants based in Madrid – resulting in a shortage of rental accommodation there. That is if all the requests for help and complaints on the Facebook auxiliares groups are anything to go by. Anyone who wants to rent out their flat there for the academic year should be laughing.

  2. What? 460, well that is really good news! Any number however small will go a little way to help balance the large numbers of young Spaniards choosing UK as number one destination for study abroad, followed by Italy, France, Germany and many going to the US as well.

    Amazed at the numbers of young Spaniards in many UK towns now too.

  3. Agreed Mike, there seem to be Spaniards working in all sorts of places in the UK and I often get talking to them. I think most want to return to Spain when employment opportunities improve.

  4. Prime Spain is recovering and prices are rising fast – that’s according to the latest report by the FT. Hard to tell if this is down solely to foreign buyers, rises in foreign students (with parents who invest in accommodation) or the general economic growth now being seen in Spain. For example “sales in Barcelona were up 7 per cent in the first half of the year compared with last year, and up 58 per cent compared with the same period in 2013.” So if you want to choose a location where prices have already risen it looks like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia (according to the article). A warning though – those seeking the sweet spot (prices at their lowest) have already missed it – it took place in 2013. Other locations are still in the doldrums. So do your research before splashing out.

  5. So, lots of young Spanish working in the UK. When things were good in Spain – pre 2009 it was impossible for Brits or any foreigners to get jobs in Spain except language schools. I really do think quid quo pro should apply.
    Squiddy are you on retainers from agents to keep on shilling for Spain. You failed in your bookshop business in Madrid and know sod all about the rest of Spain. once anyone knows your SP they will ignore anything you say.

  6. Poor Stuart. He can’t argue with facts, so he resorts to personal jibes. Do you disagree with the fact that house prices (and sales) are rising in prime locations in Spain? Why does that sadden you? It may mean a Brit hit hard by the slump may be able to sell up. It really shouldn’t affect your living in Burgundy France, Stuart.

  7. Quote by GUAEQ, (Also ED, EDS, GUAQ) ‘a warning though- those seeking the sweet spot (prices at their lowest) have already missed it – it took place in 2013’ Lol ‘So do your research’ says the non expert on Spanish property Lol Lol !

    This from a bloke who’s never owned Spanish property and failed not only in Madrid bookshop but also elsewhere in Spain teaching I believe, but now has to earn English quids to survive in London.

    Ever thought of opening a bookshop in Istanbul with your connections?

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