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Government announces scholarships of up to €7,000 for people wanting to become civil servants

SCHOLARSHIPS of up to €7,000 for those studying to become public servants have been announced by the Spanish Government.  The application process to benefit from...

Student groups claim ‘Israeli officer’ pulled out gun during protest at university in the Spanish capital

OFFICERS from Spain’s National Police force are investigating allegations that an Israeli officer brandished a firearm during a protest last week in Madrid’s Complutense...

Three killed after fire breaks out in student flat in Spain’s Huelva

THREE youngsters aged between 20 and 21 were killed on Tuesday morning after a fire broke out in a student flat in Huelva.  The victims,...

Missing American college student Kenny DeLand Jr. found in Spain after ‘seeing himself on the news’

An American college student who had been missing for two weeks was found in Spain after ‘seeing himself on the news’.  The family of Kenny...

American college student missing in France mysteriously located in Spain

An American college student who had been missing for two weeks has been located in Spain this week. The father of Kenny DeLand Jr. reported...

Madrid halls of residence takes action in wake of obscene sexist chants directed at girls’ college

A university halls of residence in Madrid has expelled at least one student after a video of sexist chants directed from the building to...

SPAIN’S EDUCATION SYSTEM: Not making the best of it

NOW that schools have returned to some sort of normality following the pandemic, the debate on school hours in Spain is set to reignite. Figures...

Granada: The ultimate student guide to the city in southern Spain

IF you were to visit just one city in Spain, Ernest Hemingway wrote, it should be Granada - and there are few student cities...

Woman teacher sentenced to 17-weeks in prison for sexual activity with two students in Gibraltar

A GIBRALTAR teacher, Claire Treacy, has been found guilty of engaging in sexual relations with two students and sentenced to 17-weeks in prison. The 26-year-old...

Warnings against ‘complacency’ among young people ahead of major crackdown on parties

FERNANDO Onega warned against “complacency” about COVID-19  among young people today ahead of a major crackdown on people holding parties in defiance of social distancing. The...

14 of the formerly quarantined students test positive for COVID-19 after travelling from Spain’s Mallorca to Valencia

Almost 120 students had taken a COVID-test after disembarking from a ferry which took them from the Balearic island to the mainland

COVID-19 outbreak in Spain’s Mallorca: What we know so far about the student super spreader event

A SPATE of new coronavirus outbreaks across Spain have been blamed on student trips to the Balearic Island of Mallorca. What happened?  Groups of students...

Valencia is most popular city in Europe for erasmus students, according to data

Valencia has been ranked the most popular city in Europe for Erasmus students. Data collected by the European Commission have found that the city was...

11 Reasons Why Over 75,000 International Students Choose to Study in Spain

Nestled in the Iberian Peninsula in Europe, Spain provides visitors with the limitless opportunity of to enjoy the warm Mediterranean climate; relax on pristine...

How to Improve Academic Writing Skills for UK University Admission

Every semester, thousands of new students apply to universities. Admissions officers read hundreds of essays every day and can spot a lazy one from...

Why Students Should Have Credit Cards

There has always been a debate whether students in the tertiary education system, usually entering their adulthood, should have access to credit cards or...

Technology Advancement and Its Influence on Our Society

Learn more about the four industrial revolutions and modern shift in business, economy and education. Read more to identify key changes.

Raining Renaults: Don’t be alarmed at the largest student rally in Morocco

We’re talking a pandemic of dinky French hatchbacks plastered with sponsorship stickers, travelling along the highways and byways of Spain in a contest to find the shortest route to Marrakesh.

University of Salamanca voted second most beautiful in Europe

Among the attributes of Salamanca’s university, which was opened in 1134, THE noted that the college library had a special attraction to help students.

Junta in desperate plea for emergency teachers as classroom crisis worsens

The Junta has taken unprecedented action by issuing an emergency call via text and email for teachers - or anyone with a teaching qualification - to provide cover.

Spanish students protest over education law

The protests were called by the Students Union with the biggest marches taking place in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

13 die as coach carrying foreign students crashes in Spain

The students on the bus were enrolled at Barcelona University as part of the European Erasmus exchange programme

Should we reinstate Jerez’s oldest mosque?

OP blogger Luke Andrews reports that last week students gave respect to their Muslim heritage, posing questions about its place in modern Spanish society

Spain named number two in the world for students studying abroad

The inaugural Best Countries rankings from U.S. News & World Report were unveiled at the World Economic Forum at Davos in January

Secret formula for successful students

Former headmaster of three different schools including one in Gibraltar, Alcaidesa-based Stephen Coventry reveals his five secrets of most-improved students

High dropout rate among Spanish university students

A new report claims only two-thirds of Spanish university students enrolled in a four-year course finish on time




Standout construction: Cadiz boasts Spain’s Longest Bridge

THE longest bridge in Spain can be found in Cadiz, and it goes by the name of the Constitution of 1812 Bridge, or simply...


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