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How to Improve Academic Writing Skills for UK University Admission

Every semester, thousands of new students apply to universities. Admissions officers read hundreds of essays every day and can spot a lazy one from the first paragraph. Therefore you need to find a way to stand out in your admission essay. Although you can use multiple educational apps and grab ideas from the internet, nothing beats the good old saying ‘practice makes perfect’. We’d recommend the following tips on how to improve your academic writing skills and get into any UK university.

Target a University

This should come without saying, but the first thing to do is to study your university of choice. Even though study fees for international students have increased after Brexit, the UK remains one of the top educational directions in the EU. Each UK university has its style, spirit and community goals. Liberal arts colleges look for individuals, powerful creative minds who are driven to create and inspire. Other colleges look for students with a high GPA and high technical and math skills.

Your admission essay must be perfectly tailored to your university of choice. So that when the admission committee reads your piece, they see that you’re perfect for joining their particular program. Read the university websites in great detail, find the qualities they look for in students. All your answers are on their sites.

Practice Creative Writing

Admission essays are about selling yourself to the college. And the best way to sell yourself is to use original and creative language. To achieve this, you must practice writing creatively long before targeting a particular program. A well-written application essay together with successful academic records is likely to get you one of the UK study grants for Spanish students. There are many ways to practice creative writing, from free-writing to keeping a diary, to using blogging sites to blind-write without challenging your inner perfectionist. As we said before – practice makes perfect.

Write Freely and Edit a Lot

The real magic of writing comes out in the editing process. Writers usually free-write and leave their work for days before editing. Every great piece of writing has been edited countless times. When you practice, you can use editing tools such as Grammarly or Hemingway app to find any problems you may have in your writing.

Grammarly points out grammar and punctuation issues, as well as suggesting different word choices, depending on the level of formality you wish to have. Hemingway is a fantastic app to train clarity and boldness in your writing.

Hemingway Editor is famous for his simple and accessible language. With Hemingway, you can become a step closer to the master himself, and make your writing direct and to the point.

Seek Essay Writing Assistance

If you’re struggling with time or don’t know where to start, an essay writing service can be extremely beneficial. Students with language barriers often use such services — also, students who wish to clear up tedious essay work to study for exams.

EssayPro service is considered one the most reputable websites to use. You can hire a professional academic ghostwriter and order an admission essay based on any story you give them.

An excellent strategy would be to order a full admission essay and then tweak it to perfection. These writers are well familiarised with all academic formats, so an essay from them is guaranteed to give you the boost you need.

Join Writing Forums

A great way to improve your writing is to join writing forums. There you can explore work from writers who write every day, share your work and get valuable feedback. Forums always welcome newcomers who are motivated to become better.

You’ll be surprised at how the community will immediately accept you and give feedback to your work. Here is a brief list of popular writing forums:

    • Commaful
    • Writer’s Cafe
    • AbsoluteWrite
  • Writer’s Digest

Take Up Online Courses

While daily practice is helpful, sometimes you need some technique to add flavor to your texts. Take advantage of a service like Coursera, which offers lots of free classes on writing. You get to watch lectures from reputable professors from top universities. A course is typically six to eight hours of video, which can be quickly done in a week.

However, if you’re desperate and have a buck to spare, check out MasterClass. Famous artists, filmmakers, musicians, producers, and creative writers teach in-depth master classes on this site. The feedback has been great, and lots have benefited from signing up on MasterClass. On the other hand, you can always find articles with simple explanations on how to improve your academic writing.


Writing an admission essay isn’t hard. You must study your college of choice, and practice writing. With all the tools available online, you can quickly get feedback to your work. Use a service like Coursera or EssayPro to learn various writing techniques, and edit your work with Hemingway – you’ll be fine.

To be honest, most universities see admission essay as a formality rather than an actual show of your talents. So don’t be afraid and get to it!

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