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About time: Catalan subtitles now available on TikTok

Social Media platform TikTok now includes Catalan subtitles for adverts. The video sharing app is currently available in several European languages and the company has...

What do people speak in Gibraltar? New study to investigate

Gibraltarian culture will be thrown into the spotlight with the publication of Gibraltarians and their Language: twenty-one linguistic biographies. The book forms part of a...

QUE? Ten Spanish phrases that make no sense in English

LEARNING another language is never easy, but as expats, we should at least give it a try. But whether you're beginner or near fluency, there...

36 English words you probably didn’t know were stolen from Spanish

NOBODY likes a false friend. They're a thorn in our relationships, and a downright disaster when it comes to language learning. Of course, in linguistic terms...

15 genius Spanish words you just can’t translate into English

LEARNING a language is a lot like spraining an ankle: it's painful and takes ages to get better. But every language learner will hit a...

Family called ‘troglodytes’ for using regional language at Valencia area bar in Spain

A Valencia Province bar has been accused of refusing to serve a family who wanted to order in the regional Valenciano language as opposed...

Correllengua: Festival celebrating Catalan language makes comeback in Spain’s Mallorca

A FESTIVAL which promotes Catalan language is to return to Mallorca this summer after a nine-year hiatus on the penultimate weekend of April. The event,...

Four top tips to step up your Spanish this year

LEARNING a language is hard.  Luckily for us living here in Spain, Spanish is one of the easier languages to pick up.  But we are all...

EDUCATION SPECIAL: Try teaching English for a rewarding career in Spain

THE recent boom in private language schools offering English has meant a bigger demand for English teachers in Andalucia. This means that increasing numbers of...

‘Onion days’: Spain has a perfect way to describe this typical autumn weather

IN Spain, discussing the weather is as much a national pastime as it is in northern European climes, although across most of central and...

Learn the lingo: Maravillas has the Spanish language programme for you

TO get the best from settling into a new life in Spain, it is best to learn the language. Whether it is for business purposes...

Mind your mouth! Spain found to be fifth most sweary language in the world

SPAIN is officially a nation of potty mouths, with Spaniards using over 2million swear words online each year, according to new research. From furious four-letter...

Spanish ranked as most valuable language to learn for English speakers worldwide

SPANISH has been ranked as the most valuable language to learn for English speakers worldwide, according to a new study.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Pallis, writer for Emmy winning Tales of Peter Rabbit, discusses his new childrens’ book which teaches kids...

Aimed at children aged 2-7, The Fabulous Lost and Found and the little mouse who spoke Spanish is a children’s language learning book like no other.

QUÉ? 13 Spanish language facts expats in Spain should know

Here are some facts to remind us why we want to belong to this growing list of speakers

Man living in Spain’s Andalucia for 15 years denied citizenship for ‘inability to read and write Spanish’ and ‘not...

“Not only has he difficulty expressing himself in the official language of the State but he does not know how to read or write in it”

Real Madrid star Gareth Bale AGAIN criticised for ‘not speaking Spanish’, despite living in Spain for six years

The explosive comments from Toshack, 70, come after the Madrid board blocked Bale’s move to Jiangsu Suning, as they were unwilling to release him on a free transfer

WATCH: Well-known British expat commended online for saying ‘Brits in Spain SHOULD speak Spanish’

Those commenting on Matt’s video were mainly in agreement that Brits in Spain should learn the language

How to find high-quality translation services by CPSL

Translating is tough, it needs focus and understanding of the language you intend to convert. Some words are difficult especially if the style is...

How to make your move to Spain effortless

Life changes don’t come much bigger than moving home, and moving overseas is a good way to increase the challenge by a significant factor....

The gift of learning from Palma’s newest language school, Treffpunkt

PALMA'S newest language school is one for the books; Treffpunkt is German for meeting point, and the school sure lives up to the name. The...

DUTCH COURAGE: We speak better Spanish after an alcoholic drink, study confirms

IT’S something we have all known for a long time… our language skills improve dramatically after a drink or two. Now’s it's been scientifically...

Excess demand for language classes in Malaga

11,647 people appled for courses in 11 different languages

One million ‘Erasmus babies’ born

And 33% of former Erasmus students have a partner of a different nationally

Huge rise in US students to Spanish language schools

A favourable exchange rate has led to a rise in US applicants

First Basque film nominated for best foreign language Oscar

Loreak was premiered at the San Sebastian film festival last year





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