A MOROCCAN man has been denied citizenship after living in Spain for 15 years and still not being able to read or write Spanish.

A National Court judge found that he ‘did not show a clear integration into Spanish life and society’.


It also found that the applicant, ‘does not know the Spanish culture and way of life of the region’.

“Not only has he difficulty expressing himself in the official language of the State but he does not know how to read or write in it,” the court heard.

LANGUAGE: Man denied citizenship for not being able to speak Spanish

The ruling was made in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code by a judge in Huelva where the man is a resident.

The judge added: “He has roots, livelihoods, and has two children of Spanish nationality enrolled and residing in the town of Rociana del Condado – Huelva since October 2009.”

According to the Government, Spanish citizenship can be acquired in the following ways:

  • Nationality for those of Spanish origin
  • Nationality by possession of status
  • Nationality by option
  • Nationality by residence
  • Nationality by naturalisation

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