IN SPAIN, 25% of purchased groceries never reach the table.

In an effort to fight the average household’s 80kg (€1,000 worth) of food wasted annually, technology company Zaimo published a guide to cut the waste.

It includes: storing food according to use-by date and fridge temperature, separating cooked and raw foods in the fridge, avoiding over-stacking, making the most of the freezer and cleaning the fridge regularly.

“The fridge is the appliance with the biggest power over your budget,” it explained.



  1. 80 kg of food – or €1,000. Wow! What sort of food costs €12.50 per kg? Sure, there’s lots of really tasty bits of food costing €12.50 kg but to throw away 80 kg of that expensive food presumably means spend something like €4,000 a year on food costing €12.50 per kg. Who does the cooking, the shopping and who brings homae that amount of bacon

  2. Wrong, the appliance with the biggest power over the food budget is the 5 star freezer. We used to use the fridge to ‘store’ food, no longer, so much went bad before we could use it.

    We don’t cook enough rice for one meal we cook a kilo at a time. rice in restaurants is’nt cooked fresh, it is ‘refreshed’. Same goes for soups, batch cooking. Same goes for things like sweet peppers – buy when they are cheap, prepare and freeze. Trouble is, so many are lazy and buy ready made meals full of E numbers, preservatives, chemical taste enhancers – don’t be lazy and stupid, be smart and healthy.

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