BATTLES: On and off the field
BATTLES: On and off the field

SEVILLA fans have been accused of attacking Manchester City supporters in a bar in the Andalucian city. 

On the eve of their Champions League tie, supporters from the two clubs were filmed fighting on the streets of Sevilla.

It comes just two weeks after violent scuffles on the streets of Manchester, ahead of the reverse fixture at the Etihad stadium.

It is understood that the two groups clashed in O’Neill’s Irish Pub before the violence poured out onto the streets.

Two City fans are thought to have suffered minor injuries, although there have been no arrests.


  1. I’ll wager that the two city fans’ injuries were jaw ache from laughing at the Seville fans pretending to be hard :-) Fact though – the trouble in Manchester was between supporters of Polish club from Krakow.

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