Rossi with his star
Rossi with his star

MOTOGP legend Valentino Rossi’s bad week could get even worse.

After narrowly missing out on the MotoGP title to Spaniard Jorge Lorenzo, the Italian motorbike rider could now be stripped of his star at Jerez’s Walk of Fame.

Over 3,000 people have signed a petition to remove the star after Rossi intentionally kicked Spaniard Marc Marquez from his bike in the Malaysian Grand Prix.

As punishment Rossi was made to start at the back of the grid in the final race of the season in Valencia.

Needing just a second place finish to claim his seventh MotoGP title, Rossi overtook 11 riders on the first lap.

It was however too much of an ask, with Lorenzo claiming victory and Rossi finishing fourth, giving the Spaniard his third title.

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  1. What kind of BS article is this? 3000 idiots is nothing. Rossi has about as much chance of losing his star as Lorenzo does of giving back the tarnished trophy he stole yesterday. Rossi didn’t intentionally kick that little punk. Everybody saw yesterday what Valentino had been saying is true. Marquez made no effort to pass Lorenzo and even kept Pedrosa from doing it with one lap to go. This was the only way they could beat the Doctor and it sickens me.

    • MM did what MM did, JL behaved petty but rode well. However JL and VR both tarnished their own reputations with whining and un-sportsman’s like behavior. Rossi did not come to the FIM medal ceremony last nite and Lorenzo tried to take part in the CAS action etc etc. Enough of these two children.

  2. Idiotic Rossi fans commenting above..

    Seriously kids get over it. Your boy is nothing but a bully who has fallen on his sword. Cry all you want but bullies never prosper. Rossi and his disgusting muppet followers like these above have ruined a sport. The rest of us will laugh longer because very soon he will have to retire and take you fools with him. For real motorsport fans, then we will be able to enjoy racing again without fear of you bullies.

    Your boy messed up and this time he was called out. A younger rider who has far more chance to eclipse Rossi as the greatest ever has now become the latest hate figure among the Rossi fans.

    It’s even funnier when you think you lot, you’ve never liked ANY rider in Rossi’s time who was ever able to beat him. And no, Rossi’s ‘friend’ Simoncelli doesn’t count…he only ever achieved one podium – remember Marquez did that on his first EVER GP.

    Shut the door on the way out idiots

    • Sure! Let’s see if vale takes all fans with him. Soon enough this will become Spanish national series. Calling others idiots for having their opinions is acctually bullying! So yes! You lost all credibility there, on the spot.
      Vale got in to Yamaha when bike was nowhere and got it right. Not mention that he won 1st top class title on the satellite bike.
      Lorenzo got straight on to winning bike. And Marquez was signed in to factory Honda team because rule was also miraculously changed that rookie rider must be signed in to satellite team. I am talking about facts and facts only! And please! Don’t say that Lorenzo, Marquez, Stoner and whoever you think is better or faster than Rossi. Let them achieve what Rossi achieved (at list) and then we talk. All clowns shouting Yes! Yes! Marquez will be better than Rossi and he will be greater etc.
      All I say? Let’s see.

  3. I like everyone else watching could see marques had no intention of passing Lorenzo, then he suddenly burst into life when pedrosa appeared and immedialely passed back to protect lorenzo.
    I felt robbed at the end, marques should be kicked out of moto gp

  4. the .es of this “magazine” says it all 3000 to strip him vs 700 000 who support him (another petision to remove it’s penalty)…
    you do the math
    spanish people prove once again they are s…. too bad you had people like iker casillas who you f**** up with…

  5. Bleumoon what a plonker you are, it’s circuit racing that is boring – how stupid to go round and round the same thing over and over again. You know nothing about cycling which requires a superb condition,lot’s of guts on downhills at 60/70 mph. Is a moving game of chess, which is almost certainly beyond your mental capability – Tour de France the greatest sporting spectacle on the planet. No stench of fumes or noise just great talent.

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