composting-waste-sitePLANS for a giant composting waste site have outraged Estepona residents.

Residents have now served the town hall and the Junta  de Andalucia with a denuncia for breaching environmental law, after collecting over 100 signatures in a petition.

Protests were launched after the town hall approved the project to be built on protected land that is close to thousands of homeowners.

They are complaining that the site infringes on environmental law because it is less than 2km away from residential properties.

The site’s developers, however, insist that the composting site violates no laws and will have no impact on nearby homes.


  1. It is crazy that all organic waste is’nt composted by cost efficient industrial methods. Instead of creating potential methane explosions in scarce and expensive landfill sites. Instead this method produces material that can be used to raise the fertility of agricultural land and still leave enough to use on parks and gardens.

    If the plant is properly constructed there will be zero smell and the bonus of methane gas that can be used for heating – a total win-win situation but not in the opinions of those trapped in the past.

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