DOING business in Spain is getting easier… just about. Business - Bank borrowing

Moving up the World Bank’s annual report by one place, Spain ranks 33rd in terms of how easy it is to do business.

Out of 189 countries analysed as part of the Doing Business report, Singapore, New Zealand and Denmark came up tops, with the UK in sixth place.

At the other end of the scale, South Sudan, Libya and Eritrea were determined as the hardest place to do business.

But creating a company is still more difficult in Spain than in 81 other nations, while securing building permits is so complicated that it pushes the country down to 101st place in that category.

Entrepreneurs need an average 14 days to set up, having to go through seven different procedures, and invest more in start-up costs than in many other countries.

In terms of ease of paying taxes, Spain now ranks 60th, up 19 places since last year.


  1. Spain must become more business friendly if it is succeed in the long term. Unemployment is still too high despite the economic upturn but it looks the next government will be PP and the business friendly C’s who want to make Spain more attractive to investors and employers.

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