A NEW book by a British historian is shining a light on ‘the worst Republican atrocity of the Spanish civil war’, with its chief architect compared to Hitler.

Paracuellos-bookJulius Ruiz’s Paracuellos. An Uncomfortable Truth addresses the execution of 2,500 Madrid prisoners between October 28 and December 4, 1936.

Ruiz  implicates Communist leader Santiago Carrillo Solares in the executions, although orders were often signed by Serrano Poncela.

“Just as Hitler didn’t sign any orders to kill all European Jews, neither did Carrillo. He left it to his close friend, Serrano Poncela,” claims Ruiz.

Ruiz’s investigation claims prisoners considered fifth-columnists by the Republican government were executed in Paracuellos on the outskirts of the Spanish capital.


  1. Communists were’nt the largest force in the Republican army but they were the best equipped, supplied by Stalin with virtually nothing going to the Socialists or Anarchists.

    Amazing that this ‘British’ historian just happens to have a Spanish surname. Mind telling us just what politics his family have.

    I suspect Fascist, since he brazenly attempts to compare ‘Communist’ executions of 2,500 to Hitler’s millions. Why does’nt he a write a book dealing with the 500,000 executions carried out by the Fascists, many involving torture and rape both female and male.

    • I think that insulting another commenters it´s a proof that you feel cognitive disonance;because you feel that you are wrong.

      I sorry if I provoque your wrath.

      The Spanish civil war was a war between brothers in which were committed atrocities and revenges by people of the two sides. It´s a waste of time try to determine which part committed more crimes. And ,… yes, the communists killed many people here. Not only people of conservative ideas , else priests and nuns, besides anarchists and troskists.

      Pio Moa, a former terrorist , have writen a book about this issue titled “Los Crimenes de la guerra Civil” (The crimes of the Civil War).

      It´s a matter of fact that communist regimens have killed many millions of people accused to be “enemies of the proletariat”. Without count the millions of peasants killed by starvation in the Soviet Union, during the times of Stalin.

      I will not refer to Cambodia.

      Please, if you think that i´m wrong, don´t insult me . Say me what are my errors

  2. Anselmo,
    The other idiot is another Fascist just like you. I have met Fascists who are not afraid to admit to what they are but you and your fellow Fascist aegarcia are.

    He has denied factual history just like other sickos deny the death camps of the Austrians and Germans. Don’t bring the psycho Stalin into the discussion he was another Fascist who wore a red shirt instead of a black shirt.

    You keep losing every argument, time to retire and ask yourself why.

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