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Rare medieval codex turns up 84 years after vanishing during Civil War in Spain

A rare codex dating back to the 13th century has been recovered in Spain after it went missing in 1938. A soldier 84 years ago...

Army captain in Spain faces sack for ordering soldiers to kneel outside General Franco mausoleum

SPAIN'S armed forces have suspended an army captain after video footage appeared showing his soldiers kneeling at the former burial site of dictator General...

Murcia’s airport set to be renamed after local inventor despite opposition from government in Spain

THE battle to rename Murcia's international airport at Corvera in honour of a local air pioneer has taken a new turn. The region's Governing Council,...

PROPERTY: Converted bunker dating from Spanish Civil War offered for sale in downtown Madrid

WHAT once served as a bunker during the Spanish Civil War is now for sale as a modern property in one of Madrid’s most...

Highway to hell: The tragic story of how thousands of people were slaughtered by Franco’s forces as they fled...

IN one of Spain’s darkest chapters, thousands of civilians were massacred whilst fleeing from Malaga to Almeria in what has been dubbed ‘southern Spain’s...

Glass eye found during the exhumation of remains of a mass grave at cemetery in Spain helps to identify...

THE skeletal remains of a man executed at the hands of General Franco has been uncovered in Alicante - and thanks to his ‘perfectly’...

Madrid court acquits artist of desecrating Spanish dictator General Franco’s tomb with red paint

AN artist who painted a dove and a slogan on top of dictator General Franco's tomb has been acquitted of desecration. Madrid's Provincial Court also...

Spain’s Castellon spends €26 million on memorial statue to civil war dead

CASTELLON authorities have allocated €26,000 euros to the construction of a memorial statue which will pay homage to the victims of the Spanish Civil...

Dozens of Spanish Civil War victims found in mass graves in northern Spain

THE grim task of exhuming, identifying and reburying dozens of victims of the Spanish Civil War has started after two mass graves were found. Archaeologists...

Spain to begin project to exhume civil war victims at Valley of the Fallen

SPAIN'S €650,000 project to exhume and identify victims of the country's Civil War that were buried at the Valley of the Fallen site outside...

A NATION DIVIDED: Spain’s bloody past is still causing divisions today

IMAGINE if, rather than losing the Second World War and committing suicide in Berlin, Adolf Hitler had successfully invaded the British Isles and ruled...

Spanish Government tightens restrictions on Yemeni refugees entering Spain, amid civil war that has killed 100,000 people

The Yemeni Civil War which has been ongoing since 2015 has claimed the lives of more than 100,000 people

Valencian government moves to exhume 500 mass graves scattered across the Community following the Spanish Civil War

A YOUNG girl shot and killed for holding a pamphlet in Dolores, a professor dispatched without prior trial in Alicante - these are the...

SHELL SHOCKED: Unexploded BOMB found on property in Spain’s Malaga

AN unexploded bomb has been found at a finca in Andalucia.  Policia Nacional were called to the farm house in Antequera on Wednesday after the...

Secret grave of Franco victims discovered in Madrid cemetery

Thousand of people were shot in Madrid by Franco’s regime following the end of the civil war, the 80th anniversary of which is marked this year

Historic Malaga villa owned by ‘Schindler of the Civil War’ demolished

THE forgotten villa of Spain’s own 'Schindler' has been torn down despite more than 500 people finding refuge there during the civil war. Villa Maya...

DIVIDED: Experts and locals on digging up dictator Franco from the Valley of the Fallen in special Olive Press...

Spain is a country still divided between those nostalgic for the Franco days and those who abhorred El Generalisimo

Visiting the tomb of Franco’s chief executioner in Sevilla, a city imbued with silent history

Controversies arise regarding the exhumation of Francis Franco and his generals

New TV series based on Spanish Civil War whips up Twitter storm

A LEADING American TV producer has been forced to deny he is stirring up political conflict with a new show about an American battalion...

Fight over frescos ramps up Madrid-Catalonia rivalry

Catalan leaders stand accused of undermining attempts to repatriate priceless artworks

Controversy over proposals for Spain’s first Civil War museum

Could this be the end of the pact of forgetting?

Costa del Century

This month, let's take a trip 100 years back in time to trace the rise of Spain's favourite holiday and second-home destination

British historian Julius Ruiz addresses Republican Spanish civil war atrocity

British writer exposes Spanish Civil war ‘slaughter’

Newly-discovered documents reveal secrets of the Irish International Brigades

The Irish hero of the International Brigades sent men home to save their lives

Campaign seeking justice for Spanish Civil War massacre victims moves to the Hague

A march in support of the up to 5,000 victims is being held tomorrow in Malaga





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