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Spain under pressure to arrest 20 alleged Franco-era war criminals

The ex-officials include two former Cabinet ministers

Spanish Civil War symposium to take place in Gibraltar

The February 2015 symposium will explore the war's effect on the Rock

Andalucia to look for missing victims of Franco

Local government to step up search for estimated 60,000 missing bodies in southern Spain

Civil war recipes published in modern format

Civil war recipes published following discovery at renovated finca

Mass grave excavated in Ronda

3,000 could lie in new communal grave as Junta announces that it is to set up a series of Civil War ‘memorial routes’ around Malaga

Garzon backs Franco victims in the search for truth

Over 40 groups have joined forces with backing from former High Court judge, Baltazar Garzon, to create the Platform for a Truth Commission

Paul Preston releases new book on Santiago Carillo

British author hits out at former Spanish Communist Party leader

Learn about España with Books4Spain

To mark 100 years of Spanish anarchism, the Olive Press lets you in on a valuable source to read-up on the subject and many other Spanish topics

Leading Hispanist criticises new book on Spanish Civil War

Paul Preston described David Haycock's book as 'totally wrong'

Spanish Civil war influences British writer

The Sentinel by Mark Oldfield looks at some of the darkest aspects of Franco's dictatorship

Republican’s name removed from Velez Malaga street

Avenida de Dolores Ibarruri will be renamed following requests from locals

Mass grave unearthed in Teba

Work is underway to excavate what could be Spain’s second largest civil war mass grave

With the Reds in Andalucia

Vivid account of Irishman Joe Monks’ time serving with the International Brigades during Spanish Civil War has been translated into Spanish

A siege mentality

‘Gibraltar, dear friends, Gibraltar. We should have taken Gibraltar,’ were allegedly some of Hitler’s last words

Garzon cleared of Franco deaths probe

The judge was handed an 11-year ban three weeks ago for illegal phone tapping

Francisco Ayala (1906-2009)

A Spanish writer belonging to the Generation of 27, a literary movement composed of writers, diverse artists and filmmakers

Secrets from the Spanish Second Republic

Fabulous hoard emerges after seven decades

Poet Carlos Pranger: The new Brenan

Poet releases his second book of poems

Spanish Civil War communal graves located

Junta releases map of the 50,000 victims still awaiting a decent burial from Civil War

Final rest for Franco’s victims

The Junta is preparing to excavate Civil War mass graves

Anarchy in Spain

Europe's strongest libertarian movement turns 100.

My naked angel

It is 70 years since seminal novel Darkness at Noon – inspired by the Spanish Civil War - was first published. Matthew Pritchard recounts how erotic photographs of a naked lady may have prevented the execution of its author Arthur Koestler by fascist troops

Obama’s man

Remarkable story behind the photo of this unknown Afro-American, who fought against Franco, in advance of US president’s visit

Red bishops honoured

Bishops are fighting to ensure the memory of priests executed during the Civil War are not forgottten

Massacre remembered

During the early days of the Spanish Civil War, a large group of women and children were rounded up and shot in a chapel near Jimena de la Frontera.

Remembering Franco

Writing exclusively for the Olive Press, Franco biographer Paul Preston claims the legacy of the dictator’s rule has come to nothing as Spain embraces democracy.





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