A BOOK of recipes originating from the civil war has been published, just months after the originals were found stashed away in Asturias.

A total 2,668 handwritten recipes were discovered in a number of notebooks during the rennovation of Finca Torrecillas Eco Retreat in Murcia.

The notebooks belonged to Maria Luisa, the grandmother of the owner of the finca Paco de Lara.

The recipes have been translated, edited and published by Debbie Jenkins, an English authour and former publisher.

Debbie said, “When Paco called me up to the Finca, I thought I was just going to get some great lunch. Then he showed me his notebooks. Did I think he had something valuable? Was it worth publishing some of these forgotten recipes? Would anyone be interested in trying out these simple, wholesome recipes? Hell, yes! I have to say I was very excited.”

The first book, Farmhouse Favourites, is now on sale.

For more information about the discovery of the recipes, click here.

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